In this busy world, we’re restless

Sometimes we forgot important things around us

Focus on goals, achievements, and so many things that sometimes unimportant

When our phone’s ringing, they’re talking with us via phone


They just want to see us, our presence more important than others.

Don’t calculate value of anything even it it’s value of time for them, because it’s priceless

They only want you to speak with them, listen their stories, their worries, their happiness

Our words give them the warmth, it’s simple, but always forgotten

We maybe think just to give them wealth. But, they just need happiness.

We maybe think our success is their happiness, But, they just want our laugh on their jokes


We maybe think, it’s simple. But, it’s still forgotten


They need our time like we need before, they need our care, our heart, and our love. There’s still time for us before elders and parents gone or we’re gone first

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